Friday, April 20, 2007


Luckily my husband is a junior high school boy and he gets a mischevious look on his face whenever I say that......but seriously, I blew it. I tried to be really good yesterday and I failed in so many ways. My 35 minutes was washed away by ice-cream. I ate really responsibly all day and even when the kids begged to go to Mickey D's I had a salad with no dressing. We NEVER go to McD's as I'm trying to teach them better, but hubby was on a trip and so I decided to have some fun. It was all great, the salad was good and I only ate 2 of Smiley's fries - this is huge for me because the potato is one of my very good friends!!

The girlies played and had fun, though it was really cold and windy. They decided to leave due to the cold so we went inside as they both shivered and begged for ice cream. You know shivering cold always makes you want ice cream, right??!! Whatever, but I let them and I got one for me too. Oh well, another day....

My parenting failed me last night as well. I'm no good with out hubby home and I lose my patience very easily. I blew it, but no where as bad as Alec Baldwin. No child should ever have a parent talk to them the way he did to his daughter. I really do understand getting SO angry, but you have to take it out another way. No matter how much Kim Basinger plays the girl against him he should know better. I feel really sorry for the girl and how she is going to suffer from thier irresponsibility to be grown ups. I usually feel like such an inadequate mom, but I'm actually not so bad compared to some. I can be better though.

Today - was hard - I only went for 30 min., BUT I increased the incline. It was also a slower pace. I'm hurting more than I thought I would be, but I made it through. I wanted to stop at 25, but I hung out for one last song - thank you AC/DC.

The start of the weekend - this is going to be a fun test of me. In all reality I will likely do nothing and then we shall see what Monday brings. I will eat respectably as both of us need to get the Cholesterol numbers down. Hubby needs to come WAY down and I'm trying to help him.