Thursday, April 19, 2007

On a new path

I've decided that I want to change. Everyone says you should change for yourself and not for someone else, but I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that. Myself is okay with how and who I am, sometimes I'm not ecstatic about me, but I'm okay with it. There are things I want to make better and I've tried to motivate myself to make them better for me, but that always falls by the wayside. I rarely stick with anything I start, so this blog will be a great test to see just how much I want to change.

Why do I want to change?

Mostly for my kids - which in itself if you go all psychological is linked to me changing for me. So I guess you can say that they are my main inspiration. I don't want to be the overweight mom, the impatient mom, the messy house mom, the always working mom, the mom who never plays. I want to be the fun mom, the inspirational mom and a better example of a well balanced person.

Where to start? Well, here. I need to chronicle so that maybe I will stick with something if I can see my progress.

My biggest feat - I've used the treadmill two days in a row. I've had the darn thing for 9 months with all of the best intentions. It is like that commercial where the guys looks all ready to work out and all he does is to plug in the treadmill and walk off - "Baby Steps" - ha, that is me!! But I'm finally making a better effort. I tried to start it up about a month ago and I could not last for 10 minutes before I was bored and tired, so I quit and did not go back down to it.

What inspired me to start again? 21 Century Mom. And some good music. I've been reading blogs mostly because I have a lot of wait time while I'm working so I've got time to surf. I've begun to realize that I can be better, but I have to put out the effort. Before it was like I had to be better than someone else, but I'm learning that is not the case. My main competition is myself - me, but better, stronger, faster.

So, yesterday after reading I decided to get on the 2150 and see how far I could go. I put on the Nano and let some Will Smith rip and I ended up lasting 25 minutes. The music made a HUGE difference.

I went to bed last nite feeling excited for myself that I made a good start and I vowed to try again today. Today I went for 35 minutes and I can say that it is strictly due to some good tunes.

Baby Steps...