Thursday, March 6, 2008

Big hair

I suck at blogging, I think of all these clever things I could post about, but when it is time to get it on the keyboard it just doesn't come out.

This is the way I am in person as well. I think of what I could say, but rarely do I ever actually say it. I'm pretty quiet I suppose which is why I even surprised myself this past weekend by organizing and leading a women's retreat for our church.

We had a great weekend in the North Georgia mountains at a conference center and the weather was surprisingly beautiful. It's been so cold lately, but we actually had temperatures in the 70's and so we could enjoy the outdoor beauty around us. It was really nice.

I organized the whole event, chose the place/date/food and special speaker. It all came together really well and for once I was pretty impressed with myself. Our speaker only covered one session which left 3 other sessions wide open for volunteers. Did anyone volunteer? Of course not!! I had plenty of help with all the fun stuff and decoration, but when it came to the serious issues there was not one person to step in. SO, I bit the bullet and covered all three sessions myself. I was a basketcase to say the least, but in all the anonymous evaluations of the weekend I would say that I did a good job AND I seemed to get through to quite a few people.

One of the sessions worked well with using an embarrassing personal experience. I chose to share with everyone how I melted my Maid of Honor dress on the morning of my dearest and best friend's wedding, whom I might add is a strict perfectionist. It all turned out fine in the end, minus the gaping hole on the side of my dress, but I managed to cover it well. She did not notice until the end of the wedding. Anyhoo, in order to elaborate on this very special friendship of mine I chose to share some photos of me and my best friend. We've been friends since high school ( my only connection left to high school ) and we've been through alot. I used the photos to show that our friendship has survived many fashions, boys and hairstyles and I just thought this picture was hilarious. I barely remember having it made, but I came across it and about laughed my ass off. I do believe my hair is no less than 6 inches tall. So, I'm now sharing it with you, just to hopefully give you a laugh. (BUT BLOGGER IS NOT UPLOADING IT!!) I'll try again.

Have a great day and know, that if you read this, I would love to hear from you!! My blogosphere is pretty much like Mars - no activity!!