Thursday, August 14, 2008


Are you green? I am, well, at least I try to be. I make mistakes ALL the time and I do get lazy - I sometimes dream of burying a peanut butter jar in the garbage just so I don't have to wash it out. But I do try. I try for my kids, because the green issue will only get bigger as their lives go on and I feel it will be much easier for them if being green is just a way of life. Plus, it's just a nice thing to do for this beautiful resource we have, I mean really, the earth is amazing....why not take care of it? I am in awe everytime I open my front door. I am surrounded by lush green trees and wildlife - and I'm sandwiched right in the middle of chaos! There are developers that would likely give me their first born if we would give up this land, but it would kill me to see this place plowed over. This is the view from my front door, just a few days ago.

Back to plastic, though. As a part of my green initiative I try to remember to always take my own bags to the store. I have these funky bags called Envirosax that are cute and portable and I love them. Unlike the bags that the markets try to sell to you, these bags will completely fold/roll up. The market bags have a hard bottom and will stand freely, but they are bulky.

Today at the food market, I remembered my Envirosax. As I got to the check out I sent the bags down first, then began to unload the food. The cashier sighed heavily to the bagger, "OH WAIT, YOU HAVE TO USE HER BAGS!" This clearly did not make either of them happy. "Oh and here's some more, oh, wait here's ANOTHER one" and she mumbled something I did not hear. Her tone was definately annoyed.

The bagger lady then proceeded to tell me that all that I had would not fit into my bags, to which I replied to put anything extra in the cart, loose. I'll put it in my box in the car. Well, she did not like this idea one bit. "It needs a bag"....."No, thanks, I'd rather not take the plastic home".... "I need to bag these things"...."No, thanks, I'm fine with putting them loose into the cart"..... "That will be difficult for you, I'll just bag them"...."Uhhhm, NO, thanks, I don't want the plastic". The cashier then gets in on the conversation and says that the melons will be fine in a bag and so will all these other things and she shoves them in bags and ties them up, ...."no, really....." I start....., but I gave up. So my cart now has 4 plastic bags in it, that I asked NOT to receive. LUCKILY for these ladies, I was not up for a fight, I had just had a Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato sandwich from my favorite place, and I was quite happy. So I let it go.

Until I got home. Now I am just mad. It seems that whilst I was busy unloading my cart, the bagging lady was putting things into plastic bags and THEN putting them into my Envirosax. I came home to each of my Envirosax housing 2 plastic bags of groceries. Beyotch! Either these ladies are bitches or just stupid. I can't figure it out. Perhaps, they are so stupid that they don't understand the concept, however, I repeatedly asked that no plastic be used. I don't think I could have made myself any clearer.

The problem with this, is that it is not the first time. It seems that a majority of the places I go are not at all happy that I have brought my own bags in. In fact, many people are just down right rude about doing something out of the regularly scheduled program. In Walmart I said no thanks to the plastic, I said something like "I'll use my own bag and save Walmart a penny" and the employee jerked out the plastic bag anyway and said that "Walmart can afford an extra bag", and she was rather snippish about it. Newsflash lady, if you don't respect your employer, work somewhere else!!

In other places I've had employees INSIST that I take a bag or to try to sway me from my Envirosax decision by telling me that I'll be stopped at the exit to be checked. I've also seen an employee pull out a plastic bag and when I state that I have my own bag, they toss the UNUSED bag into the trash.

It just kills me how uneducated and self centered people are. I am so sick and tired of people that act as if they are the only thing that matters on earth. How can you possibly walk around and not give a rat's ass about what is around you? Seriously, it stems way far beyond plastic and trash, it's just attitude. People and their SHIT attitudes, I'd like to put some plastic bags over some heads, that's what.