Monday, May 3, 2010

I was Avitaballed....

Not really - at least, I *think* he kept his pants on the whole time......but I did finally get to meet Adam, along with being able to hang out with Muskrat, Whipstitch, Coalminer's Granddaughter, and Grant which was great! I've had a record month meeting with new folks so I've been a really happy girl!!

Last week was spent getting back into the reality that is life after being away - I took the kids to The Atlanta Community Food Bank which was an awesome thing to see. There is so much opportunity there to help feed the hungry, so we have some ideas to keep us busy once school is out.

We also got a new lawn installed because ours had pretty much gone to crap. It was so weedy, and we've tried numerous times to spruce it up. It just needed to start over - so we got sod installed. It's like an instant lawn!! So cool!! I've got a list of house projects that I hope to get accomplished over the summer time, the next one is re-doing & expanding our back deck.

Now, I'm just trying to burn through the last few weeks of school for the kids - have I mentioned how much I hate school? Yeah, I think I do that a lot!!