Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stupid policies

 So it's no secret that I hate school.  It's not a public vs. private issue it's just school in general.  I love that my kids have a place to go to interact and learn with friends, but I LOATHE all the " policies".  My kids go to public school so it's very possible that private may more laid back, but I don't have a comparison.

At any rate, one (though there are many) thing that bothers me to no end is the Excused/Unexcused absence policy.  If my child misses school for any reason I must send in a parent OR doctor note to have the absence excused.  Notice the 'OR'.  Unless my child misses more than two consecutive days the school will take *my* word on the fact that my child was ill.  WIN.

Here's where I get in trouble - the early checkout.  With orthodontists, doctors, dentists it is impossible to schedule everything after school hours, especially when your child gets home at 4:45pm.  Most offices close at 5pm so you schedule during school.  Having orthodontic appointments nearly monthly means a lot of checkouts, then add all the other necessities and it adds up.  The policy is that 3 checkouts = 1 absence.  In order to not have to attend "you are a sucky parent class" all of these checkouts must be EXCUSED.  Leaving early for vacation is unexcused, for the dentist is excused.  Easy enough.  5 unexcused absences and you suck as a parent.  

So I walk into the building to present my photo ID and to retrieve my child prior to the end of the school day.  I sign her out and provide a *written* reason on her attendance card that she is attending a medical appointment.  I am then spoken to very harshly by the secretary that "IF she is in fact going to the doctor she will need to bring in a note tomorrow".  It is as if she thinks we are just checking out early to go throw back a few beers.  Ummm, WHY would I give up any of my precious moments of freedom unless they were absolutely necessary you crazy bat!?!?  So I question the fact that I am standing here with photo ID and I just WROTE on her card that she is going to an appt. and so why is it that yet ANOTHER note is needed??  It's policy.

So policy dictates that I'm probably looking you in the eye and lying through my teeth about why I'm checking my child out early.  And that what I wrote on the card is probably not true, but by golly if I send in a Post It note within the next five days stating the exact same information then we are all good and peachy with our excused absence.  WTH?

This is the tale of how I got a "you suck at parenting letter" because I simply REFUSE to re-do something that I already did for you IN PERSON!!  Bite me.