Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sweet Freedom

I love my kids. Period. No question.

I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY.....both my kids will be gone for an entire WEEK!!

Whilst I love them dearly they are driving me nuts and I totally just need to be able to go to the frigging store without having to gather two less than happy children, various mismatched shoes and just enough toys to make the 2 minute ride bearable (meaning 352 Littlest Pet Shop bobble headed animals). I'm usually easygoing, laidback and pretty well calm, but lately I just want to go to Eckerd and not make it a full on broadway production. I'm feeling a little tied down, a little restless and I need some freedom.

My friends with kids who have no family nearby and who take their kids with them everywhere they go think I'm spoiled. I get a lot of free time from my kids, my mom is close and I am lucky. However, I am the type who needs massive amounts of total freedome in order to feel normal. There are people who think I am less of a mom because of this. I get really cranky if I don't get my required "alone" time. I think that since I know this about myself it actually makes me a better mom. I know when I need to get away from them - other people think they are a better mom because they never leave their kids. I know people who NEVER go out without their kids and that makes me want to scream at the thought.

So, who cares what anyone thinks - I'M FREE!!! Yipee!!