Monday, November 10, 2008


So I walk in my house late at night, it's dark. I come in the back door and make my way down the dark hallway. Then I pass the front foyer where there is a decorative table. I hear a thud, the cat jumped off the table to the floor and began to follow me. This strikes me as a bit odd, because the cat doesn't usually get on that table......oh well, whatever. I'm making my way to the kitchen with the pitter of little feet quickly following me. Still dark, I make my way to the sink and hit the light before I begin to wash my hands. The cat is underneath me, swirling between my feet, pushing on my leg. A normal kitty cat greeting. Only I feel something strange against my leg - I'm wearing capris so my skin is exposed and as the soft fur brushes across I feel something...nubby...?

I glanced down to see who was under my feet, Emmie or Ashley, and what is wrong with them that they would feel nubby? This is when to my utter surprise I look down and see a cat, not Emmie, not Ashley. A CAT THAT IS NOT MINE!.......IN MY HOUSE!!!!......WTF? Am I in the Twilight Zone?

Under my feet, purring like a contented lion is a black and white cat with a bobtail. Again, NOT MY CAT!! IN MY HOUSE!!

I screeched a little at the shock and he hopped away. The cat swayed over to the cat bowl and began feasting on the catfood, he stopped, looked up and then took a drink. He then proceeded to sit at my feet and gaze upon me as if we had known each other since childhood. Blink. Blink.


I have been away from the house for most of the day, before I left I loaded some things from our garage into my car, apparently this rogue cat sneaked into the garage and from there he was able to enter the cat door to the basement. Having hours to look around the basement he then found the cat door at the top of the stairs and entered the main floor of our home. He must've spent hours poking around because he was clearly well versed on the territory of our home, found a nice perch and was lounging around by the time I got there. He knew exactly where the food was and he was quite comfortable.

And my cat? My fierce tomcat who was supposed to be guarding my home while I'm away??? Is huddled in my bathtub, scared for his life. And there he has remained for the past 2 days. I suppose his territory has been infiltrated, but he sure let it happen.

So, I scooped up this black and white intruder and promptly tossed him out the front door. He clearly eats somewhere else as he has quite a hefty frame, but I have no idea whose cat he is. I suppose he thought if he acted all cool and nonchalant that perhaps, just maybe, we wouldn't notice that he was there. Uhhhhm, NO, Mr. Kittywhoeveryouare.....we noticed, and you can't move in.

I feel so violated.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


MAN! Do I ever suck at commitment!? I suppose that it is good that my loyalties lie elsewhere to a blog, but geeeez I'm gettting really slack!

I am in my busiest season of the year, what with all the holiday shows and people beginning to think about holiday gifts. It won't be long before I shall be chained to my sewing machine 24/7 trying to get all the orders filled and off to Santa's sleigh. Sometimes I wish that I would just completely close up shop for the whole month of December so that I could truly enjoy a peaceful holiday season. However, this would involve the entire collapse of my business, so, uhhm.....maybe I should put that thought aside? Anywho, I'm here for the moment and I have PICTURES! No, no, no, not of Adam's party, though I truly wish that I could have squeezed in the time to go. I have pictures of our spooky tent and car and then my cuties. We went camping the weekend before Halloween and it was torrential rain - while we put up the tent. We waited to see if it was going to stop, but there was no end in sight so we pitched in the rain. That was a first for us. We did learn a lot of great lessons for the future, but let's just say that for this trip our tent was a wee bit wet.....meaning, puddles. But we lived. The low temp was 37 degrees, so we warmed the sleeping bags with a hair dryer before climbing in and once everyone was tucked in, the night was not so bad. The rain stopped over night and we had a great day to play on Saturday. We went to an Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Farm. We also rode bikes and hiked to a beautiful waterfall. It was a perfect fall camping trip. I believe that I did find my limit for camping weather though, I prefer to stay above 40 degrees.

We always plan our costumes well in advance so that I can try to find all the necessary parts. Much to my dismay my youngest child has changed her mind on her costume both last year and this year ON HALLOWEEN. So we end up throwing something together and the meticulously planned outfit gets slept on by the cat. Why do I give in you say? 'Cuz it's Halloween and that's how I roll. You get to be what you want, and if you decide to wear a garbage bag at the last minute, and it makes you happy, then go with it. This year we ended up with a Pirate and Death (who turned into an Evil Doctor just as we were ready to go). Anyone in need of a Death costume? Comes with a Sickle..... I would love to upload pics, however I can't find that CF card at the moment and if I don't post now, well.....we all know you won't see me again for DAYS!!

I did manage to find time to vote early, so I was able to avoid the mayhem on Tuesday. Congratulations to OBAMA, I could not be happier for him. I am ASHAMED to say that many of my family members would not have voted for him, even if he were a Republican, strictly based on the color of his skin. My eyes stung and my heart dropped when my grandmother actually asked, "You didn't vote for that N*gg*r did you?". My only *hope* is that the hatred and stupidity is dying off with these generations that just can't come to grips with humanity and decency. I absolutely CAN NOT imagine how the people of the past just accepted that people were not people, simply because of their color. I have never been accepting of something, "just because that's how it is". I had a black boyfriend in the 6th grade and my grandparents threatened me, tried to counsel me and in general told me that he was evil. Even at the age of 11 I knew they were wrong, no matter what I had been told my entire life I could see that this boy was just that, a boy. And I liked him.......and I kissed him......and guess what? Nothing happened, other than a lot of butterflies. I didn't wither away and the sky did not fall. So, the answer is YES, Grandma, I voted for a MAN who I think can not only change America, but can change the stupid way some Americans think. I voted for OBAMA.