Friday, January 29, 2010

Lose It!

I've lost a lot of things in my life, most specifically my marbles, but I've found a new App that encourages me to LOSE. Calories that is. I got the new Lose It App for my iPhone and have begun recording everything I eat on a daily basis.....and HOLY COW it is eye opening!!

I've always read that a food journal is a good thing, but I can't keep up with one single notebook to save my life. The one thing in my life that I have managed not to lose (including my kids) is my iPhone. Therefore, this App is always with me and easy to use. I've been trying to eat healthy for over a year, we've switched to whole grains, 1% milk, blah, blah, blah....but until you actually realize HOW MUCH stuff you are putting in, it really doesn't make a huge impact on your body size. Plus, it is easy to rationalize small snacks throughout the day because they are just 100 calories, but in the end it really adds up fast!

I joined WW once, and it wasn't willingly AT ALL. My friend asked me to go with her and since I am an awesome friend, I did. I was shouting joy from the roof tops the very next week when said friend got knocked up and could no longer follow WW. Now, there was no need for me to try to count points and all this nonsense!! That baby remains my favorite child to this very day!! I just can't see keeping up with conversions and points - it's just not me. The Lose It! App is FREE (no weekly fee, like WW) and you just put in what you ate, then it tells you how much more you can eat if you want to stay on track. Granted, I know that calories are only one equation to the overall process with fats and carbs, but this thing is EASY - and it works like it says it will. I've lost some poundage just by being aware of how much is going in. I still eat what I like, but I can realize better how to space out the things that I love the most. You can add in fats, carbs, etc., but I haven't done that. You can also record your weight and watch your progress on a fancy schmancy graph.

One of the biggest eye openers I had was my Macaroni Grill Penne Rustica - this revelation made me cry. This is my absolute favorite dish in all of the USA and I realized that it is almost 1600 calories!! Thank goodness I have never finished off a whole one in one sitting, but I could. That is an entire days worth of eating!! In one dish!! OY!

It is also eye opening that just a small bit of exercise allows you to eat another 100 calories, and the App will allow you to add in your exercise (even if it is SEX! wooty!) and then you realize that you can have that midnight snack after all (and not feel horrible about it).

If I get to the end of the day and I'm out of calories it is a good motivation to go hit the treadmill, even if just for 30 minutes.

So, while I have not been paid to do this post - I did get the App for FREE - but so can everyone else on earth, I can highly recommend this App for even the most casual attempt at a healthier life. It really makes it easy and makes it very straight forward.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I don't know where I have been for the past few years, but dudes, I have been missing out!

I went shopping for a baby gift and I ended up at T.J.Maxx - this place has something for everyone! So I found something cute for the baby that I could embellish with embroidery (and on Clearance! Woot!) and then I decided to wander through the clothing.

Now, I don't typically like to shop for clothing - I'm short and wide, so nothing really fits. I've given up on finding things I like so I stick to my tried and true wardrobe, crossing my fingers that I can make things last! I have a pair of adidas pants that I really like, so I decided I would look for a second pair. Unfortunately, I had no luck. But I did find something new.... YOGA PANTS! I have really missed the boat! These things are tre-awesome!!!

I've never purchased Yoga pants before, they are made for those who are blessed with long, slender legs - or so I thought. I am right about the LONG part, good lord every pair of yoga pants I've ever looked at would've been a good 8 inches past my feet. Out of the question. But I found a cute pair of cropped yoga pants, with a roll down waist. I figured for 15 bucks it was worth a shot. I kind of figured that I probably would not like them, or that I would be squeezed into them at best, but O.M.G. they are frickin' perfect.....AND I don't look half bad in them. They fall at all the right places (especially the roll down waist) and they are sooooo comfortable!! I am completely in love with these pants.

I've heard that it is not socially acceptable to wear yoga pants in public, except in class transit. My new mission in life is to find any and all retailers that deem my yoga pants acceptable shopping wear, otherwise I plan to just stay at home. Or maybe I should open up my own yoga wear shop, therefore I could be a working model! I suppose I could take a yoga class, then if I get caught at Target in my yoga pants I can say that I was just leaving class......yeah. Or I could just lie about it.

Friday, January 8, 2010

He saw me NAKED!

What is your modesty level with your spouse? Ours goes in and out, depending on my mood, but there is one hard and fast rule that I have - DO NOT enter the bathroom with me, unless you are invited. Hunk has been a good little scout for the most part, he's very respectful - I mean I've only heard the man fart 3 times in 18 years, he's very gentlemanly(?), he opens doors, send flowers, etc. - plus our bathroom is big and it has lots of doors. While we live in a pretty small house - as comparison to the McMansions that we are surrounded by - we are blessed to have a nice sized home for our family. Our master bath has 5 doors in it - entry, toilet, a closet for each of us, and a linen closet. My dad comments about once a month that my bathroom has more doors than his entire house......anyway!! The point is that if I'm truly in the toilet, there is a buffer zone which means that if Hunk comes in the bathroom uninvited, he is still at least one layer away. The same goes for if I'm dressing since I typically get dressed inside my closet.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't want to be naked around my spouse. It's just that there is good naked and bad naked, and I like to keep the bad naked all to myself. Can you see where this is going????

A few days ago, I was in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower. Usually, I do my business very fast when it comes to showers, dressing, poop, etc. I don't hide in the bathroom for long periods of time, get in, get out, get on with my life. For some strange reason, I decided to linger in front of the mirror while waiting for the shower to warm up. I was doing the "younger boobs" trick - arms down my boobs are 38 years old, but if I put my arms up they are 28 again, completely over my head I am pushing 25. So I'm standing in front of the mirror, completely facsinated with my boobs, 38, 28, 25, 38, 25, 28, 38, 25 - and trying to decide exactly how it is that I will be able to walk around the beach on our next trip with my arms up all the time. Maybe if I get a basket of bananas to carry on my head......that's another post.

Of course, this is when the door to the bathroom opens, one arm above my head and the other arm down, looking like a monkey - and ogling my boobs. WTF!? Granted, seeing boobs in any form is a happy place for a man, apparently it was a really good day because Hunk got to see a 25 year old boob - even if it was right next to my other one, which was still 38!