Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not out of the woods....

Just when I thought we were on the mend, we woke up with another sick kid today. The madness continues!!

But I'm fine, so I have no excuse not to blog. The latest news around here is CHRISTMAS! We are realizing that we have virtually no time left to finish our shopping. We have committments (!) and then we leave for Orlando on Friday. We won't return until Dec. 23rd, late. WOW, I'm actually going to be one of those insane parents scrambling around on Christmas Eve in search of something better than incense sticks to give my kids. I did get a number of things on Black Friday, so all is not lost, but this is the first time I've been this far behind. It has really snuck up on me.

I am excited that this year the Hunk and myself decided to finally not give each other gifts, and no cheating allowed. We always say it, and it never works, someone always gives in and buys stuff - usually both of us cheat. But this year, first of all we are both out of time and we know it, secondly we are very blessed and we just don't need to buy each other more stuff. Besides, the only thing that I really want is a BIG ASS chaise lounge which is a) not cheap, b) BIG ASS, c) WAY too hip for our house and d) did I mention HUGE and EXPENSIVE?? It is a furniture piece that I will have to only dream about. At least until we can get these kids out of this house, and the cats....Kids and cats = ruined furniture. My house is not exactly a decorators paradise, it is clear that children and animals reside here and so really, a high end chaise lounge would be sooooo out of place. I'm living someone else's life in my head. We gave a nice chunk of change to a charity and so I'm hoping that since I made Hunk write the check, he will realize that we donated the money we would normally spend on one another. He's a tight wad, so I think it will work.

We are leaving for Orlando on Friday. I'm so excited I can't stand it. The kids have no clue that we are going anywhere. We are going to pick them up from school on Friday with the car packed up and just leave. They are going to flip out. Better still, we are meeting up with Hunk's brother and their 6 month old who are also going to be at Disney. My kids go ape for babies, so this will be babies + Mickey Mouse which should cause my children to puddle into a grape kool-aid mess. We are only doing Disney for one day and then we will go to Universal for one day and then we will have one day left to decide what we want to do. I think I'm going to take my kids over to Adam's house for a swim, especially knowing that hates kids......oh, and he swims naked. Who needs to buy a calendar when you can get the whole enchilada in person!

Did I mention that we have a family elf? His name is Bobby and he lives at our house from Dec. 1 until the 24th. He watches to see if we are behaving ourselves and reports to Santa each night. He also likes to make a mess while we sleep. He makes coke can pyramids in the living room, he hides all the stockings and he dresses up the cat. He has also been known to dump out an entire bag of powdered sugar all over the kitchen floor. Can I tell you how much I love our elf? And his ideas for messes.....some of which a MOTHER could NEVER come up with. Seriously, our elf thinks like a MAN, and MAN who DOES NOT CLEAN. Are you getting my drift? I'll be happy on Friday when we take our elf to the hotel with us and there is a MAID!! I believe the best gift I could possibly have is to spend the 5 days leading up to Christmas in a place where I do not have to COOK or CLEAN! It's a wonderful life!

PS...still no word on the kitten situation.