Monday, October 19, 2009


I love a good party, so I volunteered to have a Disney Celebration in my home from the Mickey Moms Club. They sent me a big red box full of fun things to have any sort of celebration I wished.

The first order of business was to decide what we should celebrate. My first thought was Halloween, since that is the closest holiday, but we decided against it since it was still two weeks out. We had a Celebration of Girls. Basically, we got out all the princess stuff, fluff and paint and celebrated that we are girls! I put out princess dresses for modeling and we had a princess cake - which is really easy! Bake your cake in a bowl, turn it upside down and shove a doll in it.

The Mickey Moms Club sent games, activities and goodie bags to give away, so that was all taken care of. We watched the Disney vacation DVD and dreamed about our next getaway to the Kingdom - a girls trip, no doubt! Everyone left really excited....and ready for a trip!