Saturday, April 21, 2007

Don't Worry

Spontaneity is one of my better traits. I absolutely HATE to have my life planned out and if everything is planned out I go into this paralysis of effort sort of behavior. It's like I will do ANYTHING except for what I should be doing, just for the sake of not doing it. Then I get all behind on work and the house and I go postal because I'm stressed out. OK, maybe it isn't one of my better traits after all. But in the end, I think I like people like me a lot. I remember dating my husband and going on family vacation with his mom, dad & brother. They are VERY planned people and in order to go to the restroom we could only stop at the very rest area which they have always gone to. So I'm ready to pee in my pants and I ask them to pull off at the next exit so I can find like a BP or something and his mom shoots me with daggers of ice, "we will stop where we always stop at the rest area in whatevertown, I'm sure you can make it". And then she gives me the fake smile that I still love to this day (not!).

Years later when mother in law was travelling with us we stopped off whenever and wherever we felt like it - pee forthcoming or not. She actually made a comment, "I have never stopped on a trip so much, this is fun!" and I'm thinking - DUHH! Loosen' up!! She is the type that will literally take the clothing off of my children so that she can make sure that ALL the laundry is done. She actually knows how many minutes it takes for the dryer to cut off so she can go right in there and fold/hang everything. It is of my opinon that the dryer is an extra closet, isn't it?? I know that she does little things in particular because she wants to impress other people, that I just don't get.

My wish for the world is that people would just chill out. Honestly is it worth it to spend so much of your life worrying - and I particularly mean worrying about what other people think? Who gives a crap what they think. My house is a wreck and I'll pick it up when I feel like it, not because it is cleaning day or because you may drop by, because if you change the way you think about me because my couch pillows are on the floor then I'm definately going to change the way I think about you!