Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I don't think I've had one customer in the past 6 months that was not in state of freakish panic over the near death experience one might have if they don't have someone's name sewn on something RIGHT THIS MINUTE OH MY GOD!!!!

What is wrong with people? Is it so very hard to plan ahead, even every once in a while? I guess I am to blame for continuing to enable these boneheads. I honestly can not see the dire need to have something embroidered STAT, but whateva...

As we were driving home from softball practice last night we passed a house with outrageous amounts of black smoke coming from the chimney. It was gigantic - I wondered if they were having an emergency, but I was also driving 50 mph. What is the civic duty here? Turn around and go check? Call 911 and say someone's chimney has smoke coming out? I didn't know what to do and given the traffic kept on moving along. But in my gut I felt like I should call or do SOMETHING. The first thought is that there are hundreds of cars zipping by, one of them will call. That sort of thinking is what is wrong with the world today, and sadly it is exactly what went through my head. Then we were passed by a firetruck, likely on it's way to the scene. The house is still standing today, so I'm assuming that the fire was taken care of - if there was a fire at all. The firetruck could have been purely coincidental and headed somewhere else. In essence I did NOTHING, even though I felt in my gut I should do something. I'm becoming a part of the problem...sigh.