Monday, October 20, 2008


I am pooped. I worked a show last week/weekend and it totally kicked my butt. It was a Christmas show where different vendors rent booth space and sell their wares, tickets to benefit local charity. It is hard work!! We set up on Tuesday, rearranged and decorated on Wednesday and were open for selling Wednesday night all the way through Saturday. Then it was time to pack up, re-load the truck and go home. AND START ALL OVER AGAIN tomorrow!!

I'm not sure why I do this to myself.

It is fun and I can say that I met a lot of nice people that were either shopping or selling in their own booth. My personal favorites were the security guards that kept me entertained (my booth was next to a back exit that required a posted officer at all times). Every year at the end of a show I vow that I will not do it again, but then I always do. It is definately a money maker, but the toll it takes on my body and energy is insane. It also takes A LOT of help from my family - especially in the kid department. I think I saw my kids for an hour in a span of 5 days!! It is certain that there is no way that I could do this without Hunk's help and also my parents. They were all invaluable during this show - I hope they will stick with me for the next two I have coming up!!

The biggest plus to these shows is that I get a ton of Christmas shopping done by visiting the booths of other vendors. There are always some unique and fun items that I haven't seen at any of the regular stores so I definately get a jump on the holidays!

So, I'm off to re-stock my merchandise today (that means sewing my ass off), try to do some laundry and wade my way through our kitchen which is a DISASTER. I'd love to just collapse on the couch for a day, but I can't - it is covered with toys, so is the floor. Oh yeah, and the cat is screaming her head off, shocker. And somewhere in this week I shall find a way to pack for our camping trip. I think I will stay in the tent for at least 2 days and just SLEEP!!