Monday, March 2, 2009

NOT a Snowy Sunday

As you can see by my highly accurate weather map that we did not get snow. Atlanta got snow, Athens got a truckload, but our little slice of town got the shaft. It has been YEARS since we had any real snow and we were thrilled at the prospect. Today, I have some very disappointed kids. But let me tell you that the kids that are 20 miles to the east of us are out building snowmen today. I shit you not, 20 miles. We got nuthin'.

We did get to see some snow falling, but it was a snow/rain mix, so the rain was pretty much just killing it as it fell. We had about 15 minutes of white falling and then it just rained. Then it got really cold and evaporated all of the moisture, so we didn't even get to skip school for ice.

We got nuthin'.

And here I thought I was going to get to do a Snowy Sunday Show....... pft.