Thursday, February 26, 2009


I did my superhero, but being as intelligent as I am, I did not scroll down and add eyes/nose. I just plugged right through and got a quick result. Mainly because my kids were still awake!!

So my superhero was all cool, but had no facial features which makes her a bit less 'super'. So, I banned the children to their rooms and began, once again, using all of the exact same features, accessories and remembering to add a FACE. The outcome looked the same, only more normal and yet the name changed by quite a bit.

I know, I know, it is a simple name generator, blah, blah, blah....but I went from being Baroness Von Burning Inferno to the following......

I'll admit - the new persona entitled "MEATY" does fit me a bit better, but "Experimental Hottie"??? If there are any dudes out there that like KINKY CHUBBALUBBIN' CHICKS, then I guess I'm your girl. I chose the torcher accessory and would have referenced my insane abilities to flame some meringue pie, but with this new title I could be roasting something completely off-base.

I digress...

My post yesterday was about my encounter with a person that was affected with 'something'. I try really hard to not to be judgmental. I actually thought I was mostly on the side of acceptance of people that are different or otherwise labeled. That was until I encountered something that I had never come across before. His hands were covered with raised, whitish lumps. I imagined it would be what a 'boil' would look like. Whatever it was, it was awful in appearance and in my head I didn't feel pity, I felt "ick". A similar feeling that I imagine most people felt about the Elephant Man. And then I felt about a half inch tall. I think it is only when something stares you in the face that you can truly measure your character. I'd say that I failed on that one. I still don't know what it was, and in the end I did shake his hand. I am embarrassed to admit, though, that I did not WANT to.