Friday, February 13, 2009

Self Love Day

Today is Self Love Day! I should tell you something about myself that I just LOVE!

This is a hard one for me........but one thing I can say is that I think I am one of the most easy going people I know. I am typically the one who can keep the cool in a uncomfortable situation. If you screw up, I tend to downplay the whole thing to help you save face. When most everyone around me is freaking out, I play it cool. I do not panic.....

Something that goes along with my level head is that I am a very anticipatory (is that a word?) type of person. I notice what's going on around me and I react to what I can see is about to happen. I don't live my life with blinders on, and never feel that I should be the center of attention. I do everything in my power to notice how I can help those around me. For instance, Hunk and I were once about to get on an airplane and I noticed a couple that had been waiting - just like us - for our delayed aircraft. The difference was that they had their two small kids with them and both kids had fallen asleep. The couple had carry on bags and a car seat - and each of them were holding a sleeping child. Being a mom I know that the worst case scenario is to wake up a kid when they have FINALLY fallen asleep. The dad was attempting to hold a sleeping child and a car seat. I could see the thoughts and ideas racing through their heads of how to accomplish this, so before she began to try and wake up those kids I offered for Hunk and myself to carry all their stuff on the plane. She practically melted into happiness. Not that tons of people wouldn't help like this, but I anticipated that this couple would need help long before boarding when I first saw them both with sleeping kids.

I've got a cool head (mostly) and I am noticing those around me.

I've given you something about me that I like, do any of you like me? If so, why??

Love me and then go and Love Yourself!