Monday, February 16, 2009

We're off to see the Wizard

Today, we are off to Blue Ridge, Georgia to visit my favorite Apple House.

My birthday wish was to get a mercedes of an Apple Cutter and to get my favorite Apple Fritter. There's no rocket science to apple cutting, but I just want a really good cutter and a bag of the biggest, best apples I can get - a tub of caramel dip and a fritter for dessert.

Honestly, this apple house we are going to makes the best fritter I have ever had. And it is huge! I have never been a fritter kind of girl, in fact, I am completely devoted to CAKE. When I'm at a bakery or dessert establishment I never sway from my beloved CAKE. I LOVE CAKE! Cupcakes are even better, because everything is better in a "mini" (well, maybe not EVERYthing...) In the fall we visited this orchard and they had no cake. I decided to try a fritter and I became completely hooked. I swear they must have a little man behind a curtain working some frickin' magic on these fritters.

I also wished to sleep in today, and I got it! All the way until 8:15 am - it doesn't sound like much, but to a mom that is like sleeping all day!

Hope you all have a fantastic day, I know I will - all my laundry is DONE!