Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Deal!

Kapgar motivated me to post about our great GameStop deal last week....

Since it was Easter, and we have children we were trying to think of something fun to put in the Easter baskets. Typically, I try to keep Easter low key. A lot of folks we know make Easter a second Christmas as far as gifts for the kids. I *kind of* fell into that category this year. Ahem.

Since I'm married to a Hunk of a Nerd, the new Nintendo DSi has been a hot topic around this house. We tossed around the idea of getting the kids DSi's for Easter. The new DSi costs $169. That, times two. Uhhh, no, not for Easter. Sigh.

Then, my coupon loving, deal finding Hunk realized that GameStop was offering an exceptional trade in value for the DSLite (we have two). Normally, you get $40 for a trade and they were offering an additional $30 for a $7o trade in value!! Not bad, considering a DSLite costs $129 new. We've had them for at least 2 years and gotten TONS of use out of them. So, Hunk looked through his Xbox, Playstation, Wii games and found a few that were old, unused or just no longer appealing, coupled with two DSLites and he headed off to make a deal.

The result is that he got two DSi's for $150. Now, that is a deal!! It is still more than I would have preferred to put in an Easter basket, but Hunk has had just as much fun, if not MORE FUN, than the girls playing with the new DSi's. They do so much more than just games!!

The rest of the Easter basket was candy, however I did get my youngest daughter a Darth Vader holding jellybeans. I mean, really, could anyone pass him up?