Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break!!!!

My kids are on Spring Break this week!! Whooo Hoooo!

We leave tomorrow to go camping - I'm happy we are going, but it is supposed to rain on Friday and after our last camping trip in the pouring rain.....well, I'm not really looking forward to the wetness. I'm hoping that the forecaster will be dead wrong and it will all just blow over.

Today, we went bowling. We went to our local bowling center at 10:30 a.m. and the guy said we had to come back at 1:30p.m upon which we would be placed on a waiting list. So basically, we should wait 2.5 hours, come back and then wait for an indefinate amount of time for a lane?? No thanks. My other option was to reserve a lane for $15 - but that amount is not credited for any games or anything, soo.... we hopped in the car and went to the next town over (15 minute drive) and we walked right in and got a lane for as long as we wished!! The $15 would not have been a problem, but the entire bowling alley was EMPTY as he stood there and delivered this information. Apparently, a plethora of folks had called in and paid the $15 reservation fee for all the morning hours, but NO ONE was there. It just pissed me off that the whole place was quiet, yet we could not walk in and get a lane. The bowling alley we went to works on first come, first served basis - I liked that idea much better, at least for today!!

I didn't blog on April 1, however I did manage to get my kids really good for April Fool' dinnertime I put some "mashed potatoes" on their plates with their dinner - which was vanilla ice cream I had softened and mushed around.....THEY TOTALLY FELL FOR IT! As a matter of fact, my oldest daughter covered hers in salt and pepper!! I didn't think it looked all that convincing, but apparently it did because they both got the surprise of their lives when they took that first bite....... I like April Fool's when the joke is not on me.