Thursday, May 24, 2007

Plan Ahead Dumbass

I am the proud owner of a custom embroidery business. I decided about 5 years ago that I was tired of having to wait months on end to get my kids name sewn on a lunchbox by the local embroiderer, I'm pretty crafty, mildly like to sew and why not get my own machine???!! So I did it and before 6 months was up I had moved from a small home machine to an almost driveable commercial embroidery machine. It cost as much as a car, but I had people lined up waiting for me to adorn their kids things with names and cute frogs. It has gone rather well. I've never spent money on advertising, yet I have more work than I'd like to have. Word of mouth, great friends supporting me and a few local showings have gotten my little business on the map.

But it just isn't as fun any more. I'm waivering on whether or not to keep it going. The reason is that I've run into far too many people who are pieces of shit. I am so tired of dealing with far too many customers who have no respect and treat me as if I were their servant. I know that comes with business and that customers are what make the profits and the customer is always right, but why the hell do you have to be such a bitch about it?? And why for one should I rush your job because you have no organizational skills? I have run into far too many people with embroidery emergencies and it makes me laugh that they get so freaked out about stuff, but then it just really PISSES me off because I'm supposed to fix their dumbass procrastination problems. The last time I checked you pretty much know that a kid is going to graduate from high school starting in August at the beginning of the school year, worst case scenario is late January when you know if they are passing or not. So why is it that you have to wait until 2 days before graduation to order a personalized gift???

My husbands advice is to JUST SAY NO! I'm not that type of person, though I should be. I JUST SAID NO to a lot of people last December when they waited until my kids were out of school and wanted me to sew gifts for them. WHEN?? My kids are home on break and I'm officially CLOSED, I actually advertised since the beginning of November that I would be CLOSED once the school holiday started and I made my deadline clear. But Susie calls and just needs one little thing done. Why doesn't Susie realize that along with her one little thing there are 100 other Susies that left me the exact same message the same day!!?? Everyone thinks they are special, but nobody thinks I am. I am the one doing all the work to make your sorry procrastination dumbass look like a hero with a great gift. Then you are going to try to talk down my price as if I am not already the best price in town.

So my dilemma is whether or not to throw in the towel. At one time we really did have good use for the extra income, but at this point there is not a need. My income is great and it provides fun money for us, but we aren't exactly in a spot where it would hurt if I just didn't do this anymore. But I really like to do it - for some people and I really don't like to do it for others. Can I pick my customers?? The problem with that is everybody knows everybody else and I can't really "close", but keep doing stuff for some of the good people - or can I? I wish I could be the bitch for once, but that just is not my personality.

So nothing solved by this vent, but it felt good. My business license fee is due - what's a girl to do?