Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Wiped Out

I can think of NOTHING to write about. I've got too many things to do floating around in my head.

I'm wiped - I took 15 Girl Scouts on a 5 hour car ride to the Gatlinburg Ripley's Aquarium to Sleep in the Shark Tunnel. It was really cool, but I got NO sleep. I mean ZERO. And then we had to drive the 5 hours back home, on ZERO sleep. That, my friends, is safety at it's best. I can't decide if the best part was the girl who literally cried all nite - and I mean literally all nite - or the barfing in the car on the way home. Good times! It was really cool to have the entire aquarium all to ourselves - kind of like Night at the Museum, only nothing happened, bummer.

I'm getting on the f-ing treadmill today, if it kills me.