Monday, April 28, 2008


We have 2 cats. Recently one of them, "M" has begun pooping on our carpet.

The cats have full access via a cat door to the outside world, they also have a catbox in the basement, where the catdoor area is. WTF???!!

Could it be rebellion? Our cats have been in the family longer than the kids. The cats don't really like the kids (seeing as how the arrival of kids pretty much kicked the cats to the bottom of the ladder). ALSO, one of my children has recently figured out how to pick up, dress up and carry around the cat. My child will only do this to "M" as he is a decidedly good sport and won't scratch her eyes out. I do believe that one day he will go postal on her, but I've given many a fair warning to them both - I can only hope for the best.

Could it be that we recently went on vacation and left the cats alone for a week? Are they mad?? My initial reaction is that "M" is PISSED about being abandoned for a week. Now, before you go call the kitty police realize this - the cats can come and go as they please, they had automatic fresh water at all times and a bigass self feeding container. No one was neglected.

The POOP mystery was solved by my husband. He caught "M" in a struggle, flailing and fighting, meowing and thrashing.......STUCK in the cat door!! This is the single funniest, sad situation I believe I've every encountered. The poor cat has eaten himself into oblivion and can no longer fit through the cat door which leads to the basement!! "M" has always been a big boy, but apparently having a week of self feeding has pushed him over the edge into full on KITTY OBESITY. He can't get to the catbox, he can't get to the outside via the basement because he simply can't get to the basement!! He won't fit through door number one, though try as he might. So I give you......drumroll, please.....Mr. Fatass Kitty Cat "M". And I beg to find out exactly how to fit this ROUND ASS through a square hole.
The cat door has been removed for the safety of all cats involved (and to make room for a larger hole which will house a DOG door, to accomodate the 'Hey Kool Aid' Cat.)

No cats, or children, were harmed in the making of this post......and yes, he is now on diet food.