Monday, August 11, 2008


I'm all alone - at LAST!

Everyone is off to school or work, and while I should be working at a feverish pace in order to catch up....I'm NOT! The world can wait....

I had my usual August thru May breakfast today - sandwich crust. I made the required amount of sandwiches this morning and, of course, the crust must be cut off. I'm a waste not kind of girl so during the nine months of school imprisonment I usually have sandwich crust for breakfast. I hope my mom was right - during my entire childhood she refused to cut off the sandwich crust for me insisting that the crust contained the most vitamins. I should be more powerful than a locomotive, very soon.

So, tell me, what are the odds that you would be in need of a quart of Disney's Alien Green interior paint, which costs about $15.00, and you walk into Home Depot and there sits a quart of Disney's Alien Green paint on the OOPS pile, in a quart size, for $1.00? If you are me, the odds are pretty good because that is just what happened to me. I was so happy I almost kissed the paint guy. I mean, really, ALIEN Green? In a Quart, no less? That was just so lucky it was unbelievable. I love it when I get a great deal. Now, what could I possibly be painting in Alien Green, you say? I'll keep you guessing, because I'm not finished yet and I hope it turns out good. I'm not a painter, but apparently they will give anyone paint so I'm trying something new.

I'm off to be alone, please go away.....and no, I will not be in my panties - you people and your nakedness, gaaaahh...