Sunday, September 28, 2008


We have no gas. I have no idea what is really true about who has gasoline and who does not. But I'm here to tell you that our town does not have gas. The only way to get gasoline is to happen by a station that has gotten a delivery within the last 3 hours - after that it is all gone.

Yesterday I drove for an hour trying to find some gasoline - it seems strange to waste gas to look for gas, but the reality is that I am almost out and there is going to come a point when I am unable to get back home. Call Triple A, you say? Yeah, they don't have gas either, but they will tow your empty car home for you. This happened to my neighbor.

I contemplated not going to church today because of the very little bit of gasoline left in my tank, but we decided if the economy and the gas world is going to collapse, it won't hurt to be at church, so we went. And we found a station with gasoline - and the line was, no exaggeration, a quarter of a mile long to get in. We passed.

We found only one other station with gasoline, on a less traveled route with fewer cars in line. We made it to the pump after a short wait. "Prepay ONLY, $25 MAX", so I went inside to pay. "NO GAS" the owner says. But I see people are still pumping. He says the pumps are running slow and the gas is dwindling away. I persist, "let me get what I can". He says "NO". I don't move.

The next person who comes in calls the owner by name and says thanks for the call, I'm on Pump 1, then owner turns on the pump with no limit. Blink. Blink. WTF!? This is what we have come to. The gas station owners are rationing and refusing the general public and letting their buddies have unlimited fuel. Again, WTF?

I'm all for calling everyone you know with a heads up on a delivery, but there is no fucking way he should be telling people in general that he is out of gasoline when the line is out the station and down the street, and he HAS GASOLINE!!

I asked again, "Pump 5, I need to get some gas". "Bad Gas", he says, it's on the bottom of the tank. I just don't care, "How about $10? ANYTHING." He agrees to give me $10 worth of gasoline and says that he is going to get jumped because he refused people before me. Take a hint dillweed, don't LIE!! As I get my $10 and the pump shuts off, the guy across from me gets $70 worth of gas. And there was nothing I could do about it. In fact, I felt bad for getting the $10 that I got because there were about 15 people that he turned away before I got my gas. I wasn't budging until I got something.

I'm told that the gasoline situation isn't near as bad in other areas, but how much do you gamble on when you have 2.4 gallons to deal with. I could go to the next town in search of, but I may very well not get back home.

So, this week my husband can't go to work. But they say there is not a gas crisis.