Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My hearing is near non-existent. I'm not sure why it is, but I do require hearing aids in order to listen to your opinions and thoughts. I rarely ever wear my hearing aids. hee hee heee......

Not that I don't think your opinion is interesting, ahem. Actually, I find the hearing aids extrememly uncomfortable and that when I remove them my ears are so in tune to having amplification that I am literally deaf. I do fine around the house (Hunk will beg to differ...) and we can watch TV, etc. I just like stuff turned WAY up or to have captions turned on. I ask "WHAT?" far too often.

This brings me to my current problem. I am hearing voices. Since I rarely hear anything that is not directed exactly to me, I find it strange that I am hearing voices. In my basement office. I'm down here working away and then I hear a young child's voice. It is muffled and I can not understand it, but nonetheless I can tell it is a voice.

A problem that goes hand in hand with my hearing loss is directional confusion. IF I am lucky enough to hear a sound there is NO way in hell I can tell you which direction it is coming from. Like when the cordless phone gets lost and you hit the button to make it call out to you.....uhm, yeah, that does me NO good whatsoever. I hear the phone beeping madly, calling for me to save it out from under the cat, but I can't even decipher if I am in the same room as the beeping. Odd. Yes, I suck at Marco Polo.

So, there is a voice. I've been hearing it since we started the big office relocation of 2008. I'm currently unhappy with our bottom floor layout and decided that we should switch all rooms and add some stuff and in general, cause chaos. I'm in a temporary location because my new office space needs flooring, and the rest of the area surrounding me resembles a ground zero explosion. There are boxes, plastic tubs, piles, baskets, etc. All overflowing with stuff that is temporarily homeless. From one of those receptacles comes THE VOICE.

I'm hoping it's a toy of some sort, but I would think that battery life would be an issue. The voice is repeated and in no particular pattern....other than just when it would like to freak the crap out of me. My other option is that it is actually a small child that we somehow put in a bucket and forgot about, not likely though because everyone I know is accounted for. There's always the chance that it is a ghost, but my thinking is that a ghost would have more sense that to live in our crappy basement. Then there is always the cat....whom I have not seen in 3 days.

And, of course, when I mention this to the Hunk so that he might tune in to the problem THE VOICE will likely go Michigan J. Frog on me.