Friday, September 19, 2008


I'm home - been away for 6 days in fabulous Las Vegas! Woot!

I want to blog all about all the fun things I did, but that would involve me finding photos and in general trying to jog brain cells that are currently paralyzed due to the immense amounts of second hand smoke they've been subjected to (and a little first hand alcohol....). So I will save Vegas for another day.....

Today, I'm sorting through mail and work, trying to get back to normal. I would certainly love to travel MUCH, MUCH more, but I can't see how people with kids at home do it. It is exhausting. Within 1 hour of being home and seeing what all piled up around me, I feel like I never left! Unless you count the fact that my bank account is drained. NO, I did not win it big in Vegas.....but I did see the Chippendales.