Friday, May 30, 2008


I can't get around to admitting that I really am a procrastinator. It really doesn't apply to everything, but for a lot of stuff I simply wait until it HAS TO BE DONE before I even get near it. Not to say that I'm not a PLANNER, because, wow, am I ever a planner, but I just don't put things into motion nearly soon enough.

So I've been planning to decorate the pool house (a.k.a. - the basement) since last summer. Then I decided to wait until the kids went back to school. The entire school year I decided to wait until it was closer to summer. Now the kids are here and the pool house (really, should I call it pool 'room'?) hasn't changed in over a year. Now I think I must wait until fall when the kids are not here. However, waiting until the fall will cause me to bitch all summer long about how much I hate the pool 'room'. I like to torture myself I guess.

I have numerous unfinished projects around my house that I can't seem to get motivated to start on. When I'm crazy busy with work, it is impossible and I know it. But then when work slows down I feel like I need a break, not a project - therefore I get nothing done. Then work will get going again. It's a vicious cycle and I don't see a stop anytime soon.

It's a wonder I'm here on this blog today, I've been putting it off for days on end. I guess I'm just so obsessed with not being a routine person that I won't let myself commit to ANY routine or schedule whatsoever. Poo. How is it that a person can know their faults, yet not fix them? I wonder how those ultra motivated people do it. I need a motivational pill.