Monday, June 9, 2008


Just went to Target to pick up new PJ's for one kid to take to AWAY CAMP!!! Only 6 days left until we ship her off to camp. My ears need a rest and I'm sure her eyes could stand a break from rolling up into her head as she thinks I am "SO LAME"! I got the little one a Popcorn Combo, which is by far the BEST DEAL ON EARTH. For one dollar you get a paperbag stuffed with buttery popcorn and a good sized drink with free refills. Heck, you can even fill that little cup with ICEE if you wish. This little deal is like kiddie crack and let me tell you that these kids will go into convulsions and start foaming at the mouth if you mention TARGET. It's a Pavlov's dog reaction, they must get their fix. Anyhoo, today the popcorn was so salty it was inedible. Well, inedible by my child because sometimes she is much smarter than me. I continued to eat it because it is addictive. I could actually feel myself shriveling up as the salt soaked up every ounce of liquid in my being while my kid blissfully points out all the Wii games we need. Indeed.

And speaking of Wii, we are the proud owners of Wii Fit, thanks to hubby's birthday. I spent the better part of Sunday staring at his butt while he attempted to not fall off of the thing.

It is actually a great thing they have done with Wii Fit. My dad came over and he really liked it, he is UBER fit and an exercise maniac. He LOVED that it will calculate your BMI and track your weight gain and loss. I believe we have found the perfect Father's Day gift for him. My kids even liked it, it is like Brain Age for your body. You are supposed to check in daily and do a workout and it will track everything for you. It will tell you what "age" your body fitness resembles. Let's just say that according to the Wii I should currently be a resident at Shady Pines Retirement Village. And even though it says "OUCH" when I stand on it, I like the little prick.