Sunday, June 22, 2008

Still the one

Our anniversary has come and gone, but we had a great time! Like I said before, I bid on a Buckhead hotel at Priceline and got accepted at $89. We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead - it was nice! It was beautiful and comfortable and normally would have been uber expensive. We got an awesome deal and that just made the anniversary that much happier. Not to mention that it is directly across the street from one of our all time favorite restaurants - MAGGIANO's. This place is the best for Italian and we were able to enjoy cocktails at the hotel and just walk across the street to dinner. We decided to sleep in, which usually means about 8am for us. Neither of us opened an eye until 9:55 a.m. - that is like an all time record. We totally missed breakfast at the hotel, but oh well. It was fun. I'm sure that won't happen again in quite a while.

It is hard to believe that we have been together for 15 years. Sometimes is seems like a lifetime and sometimes it seems like we were just married. Time is flying by and I'm lucky to have someone so wonderful to pass it with. I can't imagine finding a more perfect mate and I wish that everyone had such a blessing. So many of our friends are hurting, divorcing or separated and it seems that we are left alone in this happiness. Where does it all go so wrong that it ends? It is so hard to relate and sympathize with the couples we know so well that are splitting up and want us to take sides. When we all started out we never thought that it would happen to any of us and yet it is happening all around us. People can be so cruel and hurtful to one another, someone that you have promised your life to, created life with and shared so much together - it is hard to understand why some choose to throw it all away. Our marriage is good, but it can be hard. We have made a choice that no matter what, we will put it first, we will work on it and we will always fight to keep it safe. We've made it 15 years and I'm looking forward to at least 60 more! I love you, Kevin!