Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I believe in Karma. I've been proven far too many times that if you make a bad choice you will pay for it.

Ya know, they've made a whole TV show about Karma - My Name is Earl. If it is on TV it must be true. It's a funny show and there is always a nice little moral lesson to it. I have not spent my life doing horrible things to other people, but I've had my fair share of moments of selfishness and greed when my very happiness was so much more important than that of anyone around me. This is a lesson I work on daily.

Yesterday, I made a bad choice. I chose not to work - I needed to work, I needed to deliver some jobs, pick up some new work and in general service some of my customers. I chose not to. What did I do with my morning? Nothing really. I read blogs, piddled around the house, in general, I did nothing. I had a meeting in the afternoon and then watched the kids swim. So today is the day to work, make deliveries, pick up more work, keep some customers happy, etc.

Oh SNAP - my car won't start.

Karma, I'd call you a bitch, but I'm already without a car so I won't push it. I can't wait for the phone to start ringing of people wondering where their product is.

So here I sit. Perhaps I should do something more productive than blog.