Friday, January 16, 2009


I am in complete and utter avoidance of all things labeled as "productive".

I do not have one ounce of motivation in me to do anything that I "should" be doing.

THANK GOD IT IS FRIDAY! And I have deemed Saturday as 'The Day That I Shall Eat Bacon', and none of the turkey that tries to call itself bacon. I'm having BACON, dammit.

Is it time to go to sleep yet?

On a side note, I am putting together a package for my chemo buddy. While I was looking for something fun to send to her, I found some awesome Valentine things that I will send to her dogs in February. Can you just say CUTE? And I don't really care for dogs all that much.....I'm a cat girl.

They are red and pink - I can totally see her weiner dogs dragging these things around. I also liked them because of the toothy grin. It just flashed me right back to the Mumbly cartoon. I LOVE that dog's wheezy snicker. Great, now I've got that and Grape Ape on the mind...

Grape Ape
Grape Ape!!