Sunday, January 4, 2009


Does it make me a horrible parent if I'm just DONE. I'm so over this whole 'vacation'. I can. not. wait. for school on Tuesday.

I guess I feel partially horrible because one of my kids just had surgery and I'm just not so happy to answer a damn ringing bell every three seconds. I'm so over all of this. I truly do hate to see her in pain, but I am about to go over the frickin' edge here. I have another week at home with this kid, but THANK GOD for TUESDAY when I can ship this other one out!!

In other news, uhhhhm. There is no other news.

Hunk and I were discussing on December 18 how great we've been getting along. Not that we normally hate each other or anything, but we bicker and annoy one another pretty often. We had a long streak of pleasantness. Unusually long. But let me tell you, that streak has been broken, stripped and puree'd in a Magic Bullet. You see, December 18 was the first day of Hunk's vacation. And then he was off until January 2. And the kiddos were home from school for the entire time. And we all slowly began to despise one another.

Hopefully getting back to work and school for half of the household will relieve some of this stress. Of course, my crashed PC isn't helping anything. It truly SUCKS to depend on your better half as your PC geek and WITHOUT FAIL he is traveling EVERY TIME there is a hiccup. Only this time, it's a fucking puke storm. And I REALLY need to work. Shit.

**don't you judge me - I'm not some stupid idiot that knows nothing about PC's. I'm very self sufficient, mostly. The stupid ass hard drive is clicking and the operating system can't be found - that's serious doo doo.