Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I pull into the parking spot at the grocery store. I notice an old guy in the car next to me, sitting alone. Nice Toyota Camry, an old gal approaching. They seem very grandparent-ish, dressed nice. Typical retired looking couple, I'd say in their 70's.

She gets in the car and hands out lottery tickets, they both start scratching.....having some fun on this cold wintery day. I go in to shop.

Fast forward 50 minutes to an hour...I'm walking to my car. The Camry is still there and the old folks are still in it. Still scratching!

I'm thinking that they are SLOW scratchers, but then I look and see the PILE of tickets they have been scratching on. And they are the $5 lotto tickets. Then grandma gets out of the car with one ticket and what appears to be $40.....she is heading inside the store for MORE TICKETS.

Is this what retirement looks like?

We are going to be insanely rich from our magnificent 401K's, but bored to tears and need to spice things up blowing it all on lottery madness....


Desperate for a miracle, spending our last $500 on lottery tickets to save the Camry from Joe Repo.

I'm thinking the latter.....